Wednesday, May 21, 2014

'Hood #35: Venice-a-Palooza

Even though I just went to Venice Beach the other day to ride my bike along the bike path, I didn't count it because I wanted to experience the neighborhood in a different way.  So today I met my friend Kirsten for lunch on Abbot Kinney (a hip, artsy street) and then we set out to walk the canals for which the 'hood is named.

Venice, btw, is a straight shot down Venice Blvd. from where I live.  Of course, this was Venice so parking was a nightmare, but all part of the adventure.

First: lunch. We went to Lemonade, which is  a cool, healthy cafeteria on Abbot Kinney Blvd.  Oddly enough, in all my years in LA, I've never done Abbot Kinney, nor have I walked the canals (at least that I remember).  Anyway, Lemonade has a long line-up of really lovely salads to choose from: I selected two that were delicious (a lentil/feta salad & a snow pea/corn one), but turned out to be so different in flavor that I pretty much needed a palate cleanser between bites.  

Then on to the canals, just a short walk away.  For some reason, I'd pictured the canals to look like the LA river—as in a trickle of water down a concrete riverway.  These were, well, canals, banked by dirt and flanked with gorgeous homes, all nicely landscaped.  

Loved these lanterns hanging from an old tree
We wound are way around for an hour or so enjoying the sunny afternoon, the cool breeze and lookie-looing the homes.  I can't believe for all the times I've been to Venice Beach, I've never done this before.  

I'd definitely do it again!

****Update**** No sooner do I post this blog than I get an email from a friend who—having no idea I just went there today—asked if I'd go with her on a walking tour on the history of the Venice Canals coming up in June.  So I guess I WILL definitely do it again! 

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