Thursday, August 21, 2014

'Hood #45: San Pedro for Giant Rubber Duckie and Pi-Rat

I've been a slacker on seeing LA 'hoods, but today I went to the Tall Ships Festival in San Pedro—something I'd NEVER have done if I wasn't trying to see all the neighborhoods. I'm not necessarily into "tall ships," but I heard about it because the world's largest rubber duck would be making an appearance.

I went with my friend Shelly who knows San Pedro well, and she showed me around the town.  San Pedro is the southmost 'hood in LA, and home to the Port of Los Angeles.

The highlights for the festival:
World's largest rubber duck...the whole reason I came...that's the Vincent St. Thomas Bridge behind the duck. 

The USS Idaho... we didn't get to tour this but we did get to see another ship. Cool! 
As part of the fun duck theme... I learned a cargo ship of 29,000 rubber ducks overturned in 1992...since then, those ducks have washed up all over the world!

A pirate holding a Pi-rat!